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pxi-4110 dcpower soft panel cannot find device

Have you tried using the card on any other machines?

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I only have one (1) pxie-1085 rack.  I uninstalled the drivers and tried installing them again.  windows sees a PCI device but cannot install the driver.  

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I installed the driver.  MAX sees it but when I right click on the device my options are visa test panel and rename.  If I select tools- soft front panels it displays an error "No valid devices were found"  This pxi rack is new, the cards are brand new.  Getting frustrated!!!!


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Was there every a resolution to this issue? I'm seeing a similar issue in system we have had running for years. I've tried to repair the driver using DCPower 2009 driver on an XP machine. I have 3 chassis in this system an other cards are working fine. I have two PXI-4110 cards in different chassis with the same issue. I'd say it is unlikely that both cards are bad. No soft panel will come up and the only way to attempt any control of these cards is through the VISA interface.

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It may be worth trying to update the version of the driver you are using. There are a number of versions that are compatible with Windows XP, so if possible can we update the driver to see if that fixes the issue?


NI-DCPower download page

Niki Budgell | Product Planner - SW Management | NI
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