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I am having a problem with connecting Keithley 2000 with Labview. I downloaded the driver from Ni , however when I run it, the error syntax occur Error +800 in the Keithley 2000. It does not do any measurement. Would you like to help me to deal with this problem? 


Thank you very much.!

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Hi stranger1!


I have some steps that might help you:


First, make sure you have the 488.2 driver installed for GPIB.


Second, make sure the device shows up in NI MAX and you are able to communicate with it there.



Are you using the IVI driver or the Plug and Play driver?


Plug and Play:


You also might find the information in this forum post useful:


If those documents are not able to solve your problem, we might need a little bit more information. IVI or Plug and Play? You say you try to run the driver—do you mean a particular VI or example included in the driver? The error you are getting is a SCPI error (—are you sending a particular command to the device? 



Kelsey Johnson

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am using the example of the driver and I also use RS-232 to communicate between Keithley and Labview. I found out the problem already, it was about the baud rate. In the the baud rate was 19.2k while in the Keithley I set it 9600. Rite now, I can run both of the examples in the driver. I am trying to modify the program so that I can measure 5 channels in series with the scanner card . How to use Labview to switch the channel every hours? For example, measure DC voltage from channel 1 - 5 .



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I don’t have that particular driver installed (you didn’t say—IVI or Plug and Play? If you downloaded it off of, you would have had to choose one or the other). There might be a more direct solution contained in your driver, but I can give you some suggestions for reading from different channels over time in LabVIEW:

Your driver will have a VI that creates or configures a data acquisition task, which you will then read from. You can do two things:

Configure the task to have all 5 channels, and then in LabVIEW have a case statement that checks the time and only reads/processes/displays data from a single channel based on the time elapsed (Get Date/Time in Seconds function).

Configure a task for one channel, read until a certain amount of time has elapsed, then close out that task and start a new one.

I hope this helps.


Kelsey Johnson

National Instruments


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I am using Plug and Play. I used "Find Instrument Driver" to search ke2000. Right now I can control the program by scanning from channel 1 to 5 but I dont know how to put the approriate delay time into it. For example in the Attached file is my program, delay time for every measurement is 2sec, then I works like : measure channel 1 then 2 sec later it measure channel 2 and continue to switch every to 2sec. However, what I want to do is having 2 delay times: once for getting each measurement at each channel and once for changing into another channel. For example: the 1st delay is 1min and second delay is 4hours, then I can measure channel 1 every 1min and change to channel 2 after 4 hours. 


I  am looking forward for your advise. Thank you very much. 

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You already got some excellent advice. Do NOT setup a scan of multiple channels. Connect to a single channel, take the readings at the 2 second interval, when the elapsed time is 4 hours, change channels, repeat.
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p.s. In the future, post new questions to the instrument control board. As this board is labeled NI DMM's, it is not really appropriate for your question.
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