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Using PXI-4070, 'device's Serial Port would not reset' is a recurring error ...

Hi Alaini,

Sorry I forgot to attach the photo, please see the image below.  The area in red is where you will find the fuse of interest.  I agree given the intermittancy of the problem the fuse may not be the culprit but I think it would be a good troubleshooting step since it should be fairly easy to check.  Regarding the power outage, can you elaborate on this?  If there was a power surge on the system due to lightning or something else, then I would say it's possible that something could have become damaged during that period.  However, I think it's unlikely a simple removal of power would cause a failure even if the chassis was powered up at the time.


Can you think of any other hardware, software or environmental changes that occured when the problem first arose?










Brandon G

National Instruments
Precision DC Hardware Engineer
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