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Using PXI-4070, 'device's Serial Port would not reset' is a recurring error ...

I have two benches that exihibit error code -1074117754 'device's Serial Port would not reset' when using the DMM soft front panel. I have tried the following to resolve this:
- resetting in MAX ... this fails with code -233902 saying that the device failed reset
- self test in MAX ... this again fails with code -233902
- rebooting ... no change in symptoms
- repairing NI-DMM driver using Add/Remove Programs ... no change in symptoms
- sending card to NI for calibration/repair ... card came back NFF and no change in symptoms
- reinstall all NI software (without removing the card from the chassis)
The only procedure I have found that fixes this temporarily is as follows:
1. uninstall the DMM in Device Manager
2. delete the card from MAX
3. shutdown the PC and then chassis
4. physically remove the card from the PXI chassis
5. power up the chassis and then PC
6. login normally
7. shutdown the PC and then chassis
8. reinsert the card in the PXI chassis
9. power up the chassis and then PC
10. login normally and then let Windows install the device again
After performing the procedure, it all works as expected again; however, usually within 24 hours the symptoms are back.
I should also mention, I have 12 other benches that do not have this problem. If I swap the cards to those benches, the problem doesn't happen. Similarly, if I install the 'working' card the problem persists. So it definitely seems to follow the chassis/PC.
Using the following:
Windows XP SP2
LabVIEW 8.2
NI-DMM ver 2.5.1
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You could try opening NI-Spy in MAX.  You can find this in MAX under Tools >> NI-488.2 >> NI-Spy.  This will show you if there is any traffic on the serial port.  You can also try updating the VISA driver.  The latest version is located here

I hope one of these reveals something.
Brian R.
District Sales Manager
Washington DC
National Instruments
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I am facing the same problem.
I had not to use my system for a month then I power up recently. I found my pxi-4070 occur a error as below
- MAX 4.3 , I saw error -233902
- NI DMM soft front panle, I saw error -1074117754

To follow the sequence power up, down, remove ,replug and del driver on MAX and device manager.
But I still see this error and this error will affect me not able to use PXI-4070.

Does anyone know "The device Serial Port would not reset" mean?
How to reset it?

Or does this mean there is anything wrong in this card?
Any suggestion will be highly sppreciated!Smiley Indifferent

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Could you tell us what the specific NI-DMM driver version is, and what are the specs of the system you are running it on?

Also, what other things do you have going on simultaneously? (i.e. other NI-drivers, heavy processing, etc)

I have a theory of what's going on that I want to look into. 



Marcos Kirsch

NI-DMM Software Senior Engineer 

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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I am sorry unclear system information.
- PXI-8187 with PXI-1044
- PXI-5660 with PXI-2591
- PXI-5610 with PXI-2591
- PXI-6259
- PXI-4070 with PXI-2503
-NI-DMM 2.4.5
-NI-VISA 4.2
-MAX 4.3
-IVI 3.1
- LabView 8.0.1 also with runtime 8.2.1
- Windows XP


I am considering to update NI-DMM 2.4.5 to 2.5. Do you think it will help to resolve this? Thanks


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NI-DMM 2.4.5 is quite old. Since you are using LabVIEW 8.0.1 and Windows XP, you can go to the current version of NI-DMM: 2.9. It is quite possible that the issue you are seeing has been fixed in the latest NI-DMM driver. While there is no reason for me to think that the upgrade will give you any trouble, it's always a good idea to have a backup of your system before you upgrade in case we run into any trouble.


Once you are running the latest NI-DMM driver, let me know if you still have the problem. I suspect it will be gone. If it's not, there is yet another thing we can try. Let me know.




PS: Just to clarify some of the posts  above: this error refers to an internal serial port in the 407x hardware used to program the DSP on the device. It has nothing to do with any of the user-accesible serial ports on the PC that the user is aware of.


Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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I just upgraded DMM version from 2.4.5 to 2.9.

The error changed to -233905 under MAX version 4.5.0f0.

And the DMM soft front panel is from -1074117756, said internal hardware error.

After redo plug and unplug follows previous procedure, the error is still exist. I am still have no idea how to solve it so far. could you please advie me again? Thank you very much.


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Thanks for the update. That error occurs due to a blown fuse on the digital card. The newer version of the driver checks for this before returning the other error (which would be a consequence of the blown fuse). This is not the user replaceable fuse, unfortunately.


Mark, our Product Support Engineer, will add some info on how you can test the fuse yourself shortly. Once we verify that this is indeed the issue, you should work with him to arrange sending the board in for repair. The fuse can get blown by doing things such as hot-swapping the PXI card (not supported!) but it could also be blown as an effect of something else being wrong in your device.



Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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To make sure I'm pointing you in the right direction, we have a few choices.

1) You could give me permission to contact you and then we can get your contact information from your profile, or

2) You could tell me the part numbers (191485*-01, with the "*" being replaced by the letter revision of your units) so I can make sure I'm looking at the right schematic.



Mark E.
Precision DC Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and LCR Meters
Programmable Power Supplies and Source Measure Units
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Yes,please feel free to contact me via email. Considering time difference I believe telephone may not be convenient due to my location is Taiwan.

I just looks at my PXI-4070. I saw 185830J-01 , Made in USA ,UL94V-0. I hope these information is useful for you. Thanks a lot.


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