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USB-6353 Overvoltage

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I need to record 12 VDC, but my USB-6353 is only rated for +/-10 VDC. There is a overvoltage rating of +/-25 VDC at 20 mA. 

As this is a voltage measurement, the current should not be anywhere near 20 mA. 

Aside from creating a voltage divider, can I abuse my USB-6353 and not fry anything?

The 12 VDC is from a PC power supply. Should be stable.


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You should know that anything above 10V will be clipped.  The overvoltage rating is just how much protection the device has.  So even if the 12V does not break the device, your measurement will still be 10V.


Use a voltage divider, preferably with an op-amp in a voltage follower setup.

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This is a great solution. Thank you!

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