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Slew rate of SMU 4143



I am using SMU 4143 to powerup my device. What is the slew rate of 4143 SMU? I can see settling time of the SMU in the specification. Where do I find information about the slew rate? For Example, when I set 20V in channel 0, how does long does it take to reach set voltage from 0?



A Senthilnathan

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The 4143 can sample at six hundred thousand samples per second, per channel.  Why not use the instrument itself to measure the actual ramp rate in your actual application?... much better than a single spec based on no load and assuming conditions not applicable to your application (which likely has capacitance, lead inductance, etc. Pretty cool, right?  We sure think so ;).


Once you know your ramp rate, then you can play around with the SourceAdapt functionality and optimize for your particular application, making it even faster.  Isn't technology cool?

-John Sullivan
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