Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Pulse width Measurement Using DMM

I am using NI PXIe 4080 for measuring pulse.I can be able to read the samples and I have plotted using waveform chart but pulse width I am unable to measure.Please suggest me to measure pulse width.Below I have attached my code.

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You should base your code on one of the waveform-mode examples instead of a multi-point DMM measurement.  "Read & Graph" might be a good choice.  It will give you a waveform that you can pass directly to "Pulse"  (in the Waveform Measurements palette) to get the pulse width.


DMM-mode measurements do not contain timing information, whereas waveform-mode measurements do.

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Sorry Sir, It was not solved my problem.One small information sir, I am reading samples from DMM and plotting in chart continuously samples w.r.t to amplitude.I got a VI transition by which i can be able to detect falling edge accurately but not rising edge so still i am working on it.Please suggest me if you have any other way. 

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