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PXIe-4162 Remote Sense mode, Force voltace keep increase while sense and force not connected

In remote sense mode, if 4162 force pin and sense pin is not connected, the force voltage level is will reach +- 25V.
For example, force 0.1V, 1mA, if force and sensor are disconnected. The force voltage will reach 25V but other NI SMUs will not show this problem.
During power down phase, force 0V 100mA, still two pin disconnected as DUT is removed. force pin voltage will fluctuate from -25V to +25V.
This un-expected high voltage may cause damge to the board and DUT.
We didn't find any related information in 4162 datasheet or manual why would this happen and how we could avoid this.
Please advise whether the behavier is design to be like this and how we could avoid it,  thanks.
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Hi Jia Zhang,


I believe this KB should answer your questions:


PXIe-4162/4163 Outputting Unexpected Voltage When in Remote Sense


Hope this helps!

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