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PXIE-1090 with PXI-4130

I have a PXIe-1090 Rack and try to use a PXI-4130 Source Unit


The PXIe-190 is visible in the MAX and with DMM everthing works fine


If i connect a PXI-4130 Source Unit, then the Rack Syszem LED turn to RED (MXI LED flashes Red).

In my opinion the Rack should work with the Source Unit.

In the NI-Configurator you can choose this two Units....


Any Idea.....


Best Regards Roland

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Hi Rollo38,


Since the MXI LED is flashing red it sounds like a power problem. Looking at the specs for the PXI-4130 and the PXIe-1090 I see that the -12V rail max for the PXIe-1090 is 250mA and the PXI-4130 typically draws over 200mA. It sounds like the PXI-4130 might draw enough -12V to trip the power supply.


Do you have another chassis to test the PXI-4130 in? Or a PXIe-4130 to test with?


- Robert

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Hi Robert


I tested it now with anoterhe PXI-4130 Card, it's the same problem


No i have no other PXIe-1090 Chassis.

The PXI-4130 work fine at our customer.



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Does does the PXI-4130 are within the power profile and cooling profile of PXIe-1090?

Soliton Technologies

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Hi Santo


PXIe-1090                                     PXI-4130

   5 Vdc /    2.5 A                              5V  ( 10 W)            2A

3.3 Vdc /       6 A                           3.3V  (   1 W)         0.3A

 12 Vdc /       1 A                            12V  (   6 W)         0.5A

-12 Vdc /  0.25 A                            12V  (2.5 W)       0.21A (typically)


The NI-configurator says it work. You can choose the PXI-4130 for an PXIe-1090 Chassis

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