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PXI DMM in a LXI chassis

Hi - i'm looking into an application where space constraints would inhibit me in used even the smallest NI PXI chassis - and it needs to be ethernet controlled (so no USB-4065 dmm for instance)


Is it possible to mount one of the Ni PXI DMM's in e.g. a Pickering 2 slot LXI chassis (which accepts PXI cards) with success?


Would I use the NI DMM drivers still?


Why is NI not really supporting LXI / having LXI products in store?

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I'm not familiar with this LXI chassis.


The only PXI (as opposed to PXIe) DMM being sold is the PXI-4065.


For it to work, the 4065 would need to be on the PCI/PXI bus of whatever computer resides on the LXI chassis and you'd need to install the NI-DMM driver on this computer, assuming it runs a supported OS. Then you'd need to write your own software that makes the instrument available over ethernet to perform whatever it is it needs to do, which I assume on a TCP/IP network. Python can be a really good tool to do this.


Is there such a computer running the LXI chassis? What are its specs? What OS does it run? Is the ethernet connector a TCP/IP network?


I hope this is helpful.


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Wondering if this issue has been answered. My company is in the same boat, trying to use a PXI-4065 DMM card in a Pickering 60-104-001 LXI chassis. I am able to connect with the chassis but the NI DMM hardware does not seem to be recognized. I have installed the latest NI-Device drivers for Linux.

System specs:

Ubuntu 20.04.6

CPU Intel Core i7


The LXI chassis is connected to the host computer via ethernet. Please, if you have any recommendations for getting this setup started it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Best to check with Pickering if just any PXI card is compatible with their LXI chassis.


NI drivers expect to see the PXI cards on the PCI bus but not sure how it will show up when part of a LXI chassis.

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You may consider VX Instruments. They are compatible with Pickering LXI-Chassis

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Thank you very much! I will look into VXI. Their datasheet does indicate compatibility with the PXI chassis that I have.

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