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PXI DMM in a LXI chassis

Hi - i'm looking into an application where space constraints would inhibit me in used even the smallest NI PXI chassis - and it needs to be ethernet controlled (so no USB-4065 dmm for instance)


Is it possible to mount one of the Ni PXI DMM's in e.g. a Pickering 2 slot LXI chassis (which accepts PXI cards) with success?


Would I use the NI DMM drivers still?


Why is NI not really supporting LXI / having LXI products in store?

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I'm not familiar with this LXI chassis.


The only PXI (as opposed to PXIe) DMM being sold is the PXI-4065.


For it to work, the 4065 would need to be on the PCI/PXI bus of whatever computer resides on the LXI chassis and you'd need to install the NI-DMM driver on this computer, assuming it runs a supported OS. Then you'd need to write your own software that makes the instrument available over ethernet to perform whatever it is it needs to do, which I assume on a TCP/IP network. Python can be a really good tool to do this.


Is there such a computer running the LXI chassis? What are its specs? What OS does it run? Is the ethernet connector a TCP/IP network?


I hope this is helpful.


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