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Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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PXI-4072 Capacitance measurement error

Hello everyone.

Is it possible to show not only the measured capacîtance value but also the range of uncertaintly of the specific measurement?

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Hi MicTek, 


The  'Uncertainty' of the measurement could be represented in terms of  the gain and offset error. 

This is shown in the specs for the device as (%of reading + % of range):

If you wanted to do this programmatically, you could implement a small LUT of the spec, read from the Range property as the reference point (% of Range), have the user implement their expected value (% of Reading), and do a little bit of math on the back end to display a measurement certainty range to the user. 


Here's a rough guide on how you could implement the math:


Best Regards. 


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Hi ChristophersonJ !


Thanks for your answer. The links were helpful. With that it is possible to calculate the accuracy according to the device specifications.


What I wondered is, if it is possible to extract a value for the accuracy of the specific measured capacitance value from the FFT peak analysis (e.g. the peak width) performed in background.


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