Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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PXI-4065 DMM Partial Calibration



Can I partially calibrate my PXI-4065 DMM?

For example can I follow the DC Voltage Adjustment procedure but miss out the 300V and 100V range adjustments and still save the calibration which in turn updates the calibration date.


Thanks in advance



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Hey Steve,

You will have to calibrate the whole section for the cal constants to be stored in the EEPROM.  Per the note on page 54 of the Cal Procedure,


"Caution If you skip any of the steps within a section of the adjustment procedures, the niDMM Close External Cal VI and the niDMM_ExtCalClose function do not allow you to store your new calibration coefficients. Instead, NI-DMM restores the original coefficients to the EEPROM."


However, performing the sections: Adjusting Linearization and Adjusting DC Voltage in their entirety will allow you to have updated calibration performed on DC Voltage measurements with a new cal date stored to EEPROM.  



Brandon G

National Instruments
Precision DC Hardware Engineer
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