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PXI-2503 + PXI-4072 to measure capacitance

I need to measure 12 channels of capacitance using a PXI-4072 and by multiplexing the input channels with PXI-2503 + TB-2606. What is the best method to do this?
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Hello Clecio,


The best method to do this would be to use the niSwitch DMM Switch shipping example.  This example can be found in the NI Example Finder under Hardware Input andn Output»Modular Instruments»NI-Switch folder.  Here you will configure the hardware and set up your switch scan list.  You would configure the switch to be in the 2-wire topology, since the capacitance measurement utilizes two input terminals on the DMM.  The input terminals on the DMM will be connected to COM on the switch. 


For more information about the hardware settings and scan lists, refer to the NI-Switch and NI-DMM Help documentation.  For example, here is the section about scan lists.


Scan Lists


We also have a DMM/Switch Express VI that will help you get started testing.  This is meant for testing purposes and you will probably want to pursue using the actual driver VIs for a scalable application with more functionality exposed to the user.  Here is the help topic on the express VI.


DMM/Switch Express


Along with the help documentation, there is also quite a bit of information on our website.  For higher level topics, take a look at the DMM and Switch landing pages.

DMM Measurement Tutorial


Please note that there are extra considerations to make when performing capacitance measurements (such as OPEN/SHORT compensation).  See the following topic from our DMM Measurement Tutorial.


Capacitance/Inductance Measurement


If you are new to LabVIEW and/or our Switch/DMM modular instrument hardware, I would suggest you check out our training courses.  We have courses for LabVIEW, Switches, and DMMs.


Hope this helps!




Rod T.
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