Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Newb: DMM 4071 7.5 digit low sample rate

Apologies in advance for the newbie questions....


I am trying to se up a test where I need a PXI-4071 to run in it's full resolution 7.5 digit DMM mode at 7Hz?, ie not waveform mode.


Using (fully updated):

- .Net 4.0 / Visual studio Express 2012

- NIDMM .net class libraries 1.0.3

- Latest DMM driver that comes with soft panel ver 14


ContinuousAcquisition.2010.sln I get it running at 100hz or more when setting resolution to 7.5 digit


SoftwareTriggeredMultipointAcquisition.2010.sln, seems to run at around 1hz, also in imediate mode. Is this the "full 7.5 digit DMM mode"? Why not 7Hz?


I am so far running the code in Visual studio Express in release mode.


Can someone please point me in the right direction, ie documentation and sample code.


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Problem solved; there is an error in the demo code (ContinuousAcquisition.2010.sln)



sampleDmmSession.Configure(measurementMode, range, resolution)

Should be:

sampleDmmSession.ConfigureMeasurementDigits(measurementMode, range, resolution)

 Otherwise the module will run at high speed 3.5 digit resolution....


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I also found another error in that code; the value of the Resource name drop-down is not read by code, i.e. if youy have more than one DMM, the application will always use the first one only.

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