Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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NI PXI 4132



I am working with a NI PXI 4132.

I have an issue when i set 0A to source. The programm reurns an invalide value. But it is weird bcause i can set 0V. It works fine.

In 50mA range 40V i will be able to set up current source 0 up to 50mA, isn't it ? Is it true current level cannot be set to 0 ?

Any ideas ?




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Hi Vincent,


I think this is normal behaviour if we look at the help of NI-DC Supplier :





Romain DUVAL || RF & Semiconductor Staff System Engineer || CLA || CTA
National Instruments France

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Note that on the 4132, if you want to source 0A, you can disable the channel, which will open a mechanical relay on the output.  Also, as the help section above shows, switching to the lowest current setting will allow you to get much closer to '0' A.  Hope this helps.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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