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 i got a NI USB-4065 in my hand 

And i want to use it to insted of the Oscilloscope to measure the Vote & record it.

But after i installed the Driver of the NI device,  I can't find the Software "NI-DMM Soft Front Panel"

how can i find software "NI-DMM Soft Front Panel", or what software & driver I need to install.

i'm a newbee here, if you know it pls. help me

thank a lot 

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What version of NI-DMM did you install? Newer versions (18.0 and newer if recollection serves) install InstrumentStudio as a replacement for the NI-DMM Soft Front Panel.
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NI-DMM 19.5 is installed , what's your suggestions, if it's better to install a old version NI-DMM

and also i can't find InstrumentStudio which you mentioned...



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hi, Tobias

thank you very much for you support 

I've install InstrumentStudio, I will try it tomorrow, and i'm not sure if it support NI DMM-4065

and I just want to use NI DMM -4065 to measure the Voltage, SFP is much more useful.

so  do you know where can I download old version software for NI- DMM, I hope I can try it...

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You should install the latest version of NI-DMM. Open MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) and verify that the USB-4065 shows up in there. Select it and then press the "Test Panel" button.

Marcos Kirsch
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Accepted by topic author Peter*DMM

Thanks a lot , i will try!!!

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