Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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NI DMM PXI 4070 range overlap?

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We will shortly be using NI PXI 4070 DMM's.


I'm trying to establish how much over a resistance range that a resistance value may still be read,

For instance, could I measure a 105 Ohm resistor on the 100 Ohm range, or a 1050 Ohm resistor on the 1k range?


I can't see this information published anywhere.... and yes, I do have reasons for doing this 🙂




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Hi Alan, 


The DMMs do have the ability to measure a signal that is a little above their range. There is a page in the DMM Help on Overrange that unfortunatly isn't displaying on the web so I have attached a screenshot of it. Depending on the Range and Function the DMM will usually allow measurements (with an Overrange warning) up to 105% of the range before returning NaN as results. 

Steve B

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Perfect answer - just what I was looking for thanks!

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