Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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NI DMM Double Buffering


I work with NI PXI3110 system,  DMM PXI4070

I want to measure a DC voltage waveform.

I want to know how can I leave the measurement running and get/ fetch the availble data from RAM at the same time.  

Something like double buffering, measuring and reading data at the same time. When I have a certain number of samples, I want to fetch them.

The measuring process must go on. Something like an event structure for buffersize where i can fetch data when i have N samples available in the buffer/ ram. With the given NI DMM functions like "configure waveform" I must first define the number of waveform points, i can´t define positive infinity.


How can I realize that in a labview programm with the given opearation and proberty nodes.




thanks for posting ideas.


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Hey Benni,


Unfortunately, no, you cannot continuously stream waveform data from the PXI-4070.  See KB 333L7P2O for more information.


You can continuously acquire in DMM mode, as described in the KB.  In DMM mode, you can sample only up to 10kS/s, so if you need to sample faster than this, let us know the details on the signal you're sampling (voltage, required sample rate, etc) and we can provide other alternative modules. 

-John Sullivan
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