Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Measure the warm up time


i am trying to measure the time how Long the DMM is already ON. Our PXIe-4080-dmm is mounted in a PXIe-1084 Chassis and connected via Thunderbold to my Win10-64Bit PC.

In the device manager is a property called "last arrival date", which could be useful, but at the moment i can´t access it from my Code. ( VS2013) I tried it over the "Win32_PnPEntity", but this property is not included.


Is there another way to solve my Problem instead of using a value from the device manager? 


Thanks for your help.


PS: A solution with 64-Bit TestStand would also be possible.

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the question is not strictly connected to NI hardware and software, but is related to the operatng system of your host, as you have already understood because you have search the solution using VB.NET 2013.


I'm not an expertise on your problem but a thing let me think: you're using VB 2013, the last version is the 2019: you could try to compile your code with this release that is avaiable at no charge for the community release.


This link have some examples about the topic


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