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Large NI-DCPower Sequences not releasing RAM


I am loading large sequences into my PXIe-4139.  According to this, the sequences are loaded into RAM and streamed to the unit as it executes.  Everything works as described.  As expected, the RAM jumps up to close to the limit for a 32-bit program when the Initiate VI is called.


The problem is that once the program has run and I have closed the session, all the RAM used by the sequence does not get released.  It drops from 2.9GB down to 2GB.  If I run the program again, I get a "not enough memory" error.  After closing and re-open LabView, the program runs just fine.  Is there another way of freeing the RAM?


Calling "Reset" does not clear the memory.  There is no "Delete Sequence" VI like the advanced sequences have.  Is this a bug in the NI-DCPower driver?  Any advice?




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I'm surprised by the behavior you are observing.

Would it be possible to attach a small program that reproduces what you are seeing?

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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What version of NI-DCPower are you using?

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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I am running LabView version 20.0.1 and using NI-DCPower version 20.6 (latest update from Package Manager.)


I don't do anything that isn't already in the example "NI-DCPower Sequence Multi-Channel"  I am syncing two SMUs to start their sequences at the same time.  I am not doing a Source Sync like the example.  I reference this one only because it is the only one that demonstrates a sequence.  I have two SMUs, each running sequences that are 560,323 samples in length.

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