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Labview 8.5 VI for TDK-Lambda Power Supply

Just wondering if anyone have a VI for controling the voltage and monitoring the current for the TDK-Lambda Power Supply. Receivered exe VI with product but unable to edit VI for my purpose.

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You posted to the wrong board. This is for NI DMM's and power supplies. Use the Instrument Control board.


You also did not provide the model number. This is, of course essential information. There are numerous Lambda drivers.

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Sorry about that. It's my 1st time using this forum. The Model of this Power Supply is the Z+ Series.

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Hey John,

Based on my experience, I've found that TDK's drivers are excellent!  I couldn't find a generic 'Z+' driver, but if you type your model number into the search field at, I'm sure you'll find something.  If you don't find a driver solution, let us know the exact model and I'll let you know what i find.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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The TDK web site has a video that says a LabVIEW driver is on the CD that comes with the instrument.

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Hey John,Could you please provide me with the VI you have for controlling the voltage and current outputs of the power supply.

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