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Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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LV2011 + NI-DMM 3.0.5 Update causes a -223911 error during selft-test

After an upgrade to ts2010/lv2011 from ts4.2.1/lv2009, i have a run-time error with ni-dmm self test (error -223911).

the 4070 pxi device is working properly on the older setup.

The only difference between the two setup are :

older : ts3.5/ts4.2.1/ni-fgen 2.8.1/lv2009.

newer : ts2010/lv2011/ni-fgne 2.9


the common software versions are attached.

An assistance would be appreciated.



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Hey GGraindo,


If you open the NI-DMM Soft Front Panel, are any other error codes given?

Can you rename your device "Dev1" and see if the error persists?

When was the module last calibrated?  Calibration dates are in MAX under the DMM's Calibration tab.

What is the module part number?  It should start with either 191485 or 189380.


-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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