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Issues connecting USB4065 to Windows XP PC



I am attempting to connect my USB4065 DMM to my Windows XP (Service Pack 3) PC. After being notified that drivers have installed correctly, I notice that the green status LED is not on.
When I went to MAX to resolve my issues I was prompted with a "WindowsXPUSBHotfix" issue. I promptly downloaded the patch and resovled this. Upon completing the patch and restarting the PC the status LED remains unlight. Everything is plugged in. Again I returned to MAX to see what the issue was.


In MAX I am able to read back the Serial Number but not much else. Everytime I attempt a "Self-Test" I get the following error:


Error -88705 occured at Self-Test


Possible Reason(s):

The specified device is not present or is not active in the system. The device may not be installed on this system, may have been unplugged, or may not be installed correctly.

Device: Unknown device


The device comes up in the hardware manager as a USB-DMM Loader (is this right?)


Anyone have any advice?




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Hello barenmeister, 


What versions of NI DAQmx and NI DMM did you install on your system?  Ideally the USB 4065 will show up in device manager under Data Acquisition Devices as a USB-4065.


Also, has this device worked before, either on this computer or another computer?


It's possible that there is a broken fuse on the device.  To replace the fuse, follow the instructions located on page 30 of the following manual:

Patrick W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi PattyD,


I actually just found the solution to this. Apprently my uninstallation of the hotfix and reinstallation of the hotfix again seemed to have solved the issue. The USB DMM now plugs in with no issue and I am able to self test / test panel the device.


It appeared as if the DMM loader wasn't loading the softtware for the USB 4065. Both the DMM loader and USB 4065 show up in Device manager now.


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Great to hear barenmeister, and thank you for posting the solution.

Patrick W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I am having the same problem with a NI-USB-6251.  Can you provide a link to the "WindowsXPUSBHotfix" patch?

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Greetings epc1


Here is the link:


Warm Regards,


Luis J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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