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Is my multimeter NI USB-4065 produced earlier or pirated?

Now we want to buy NI USB-4065, but the manufacturer can't produce it in time, which slows down our production progress. We found a supplier who can deliver goods in time and cheaply. The packaging of the multimeter sent is different from that of the previous one. As shown in the figure below, the small one is purchased recently, and the previous packaging box is relatively large. However, the disadvantage is that the newly purchased large resistance measurement is inaccurate. I'd like to ask what's the difference between the new ones. Is it produced earlier or are there pirated products.Front of boxFront of boxSide of boxSide of boxNameplate of new multimeterNameplate of new multimeter

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measurement resultmeasurement result


I forgot to upload the measurement results


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Both are genuine NI DMMs, no doubt, there is literally no reason to pirate or copy such specialized equipment and sell it under the same name.


BTW, if you are not aware, quite some time ago, National Instruments had a transformation and changed the logo to NI and hence the difference in printing on the box.


Regarding the measurements, do you know if both the DMMs have a valid calibration certificate within the past 1 year?


About the resistors used, what are those tolerances? are those of calibration grade?


If you calculate the ppm error of the measurements, are they out of range as per the instrument specifications?

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The "new" DMM uses NI's old logo, which makes me think it's been stored away for a long time. Verify external calibration is valid and run self calibration. Hopefully that's all you need!

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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Your answer is very useful. But how to calibrate? If the calibration works, we prefer to use this "new" one: -) After all, it's cheaper and can be bought.We look forward to your reply

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Your answer is very useful. But how to run self calibration? If the calibration works, we prefer to use this "new" one: -) After all, it's cheaper and can be bought.

Whether Ni company has carried out software update and whether it means that the old program is running in the old equipment, resulting in inaccurate accuracy.

We look forward to your reply.

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You can run Self Calibration and also look at your External Calibration expiration dates in the MAX application.

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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Thank you.

I Opened Max, I can see that this device is quite old.

After I clicked self calibration, Max said that the device could not be calibrated. Status code: - 200445. The device does not support the requested calibration function.

Do you have any suggestions?Calibration failedCalibration failed

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The version of my LabVIEW is 2017 and the computer system version is win7.

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Hello, can you give me a VI and I'll try to run self calibration. Is 2017's function relatively new. Thanks again

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