Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Is it possible to get resistance value of a circuit with NI USB-4065 USB without using measurement studio?

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Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your answer, I checked the path, Inside it I have the NI-DMM Soft Panel.exe, many other files and folders, but it has not any dll that I can use to be called from TestStand to configure / read the DMM.


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Why don't you just use the IVI DMM step?


p.s. The provided path does not have the soft panel exe in it. You are looking in \drivers\niDMM and that is not correct. Look where you were told - \IVI\Bin.

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Hi Dennis Knutson,

You are completely right. IVI DMM step can be used. I was trying to use a DLL because I do not have physically the DMM now, and I create a simulated DMM and I just see it in the Devices and Interfaces (where simulation was created). I do not see it to create the LogicalName for the IVI session and I need to left the sequence completely configured. But you are right we can use the IVI DMM step.


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