Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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How to read values from DMM4040


   I am using DMM4040, NI PXI 6509 device.

I need to make some port pins high which i have already done and now i have to read value captured by DMM then i have to make my port pins low if my value is within limits.

Can u suggest me how to read values from DMM and then by notification i ll make my port pins low.

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What language are you using?  If using LabVIEW, you use the NI-DMM API to communicate with the 4040.  Just take your reading, do your limit comparison, and set your lines based on the comparison results.

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There is no such thing as a DMM4040 from NI. You posted to the wrong board.


Please post to instrument control and provide the vendor. There are drivers for a 4040 from Tek.

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