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How to fix Error 1073807202 of Keithley 2100

Hello Everyone,


I will get DC voltage collection from Keithley 2100 to my PC.

Use Labview 2011 and installed NI-Visa 5.1.1. and Keithley 2100 drive - Keithley 2100 Series at \instr.lib. Visa32.dll is located at WINDOWS\system32. However, when I run Keithley 2100 Series Read and selected correct COM  port, Labview gave me Error 1073807202. Any ideas? THANKS>



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Hello Hello,

Sounds like the VISA driver isn't installed properly.  See this KB for possible causes.  Note that since the Keithley isn't an NI DMM/SMU/PS, you might get better results posting in the Instrument Drivers forum.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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