Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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How to design Digital Voltmeter with Transducer input

I want to know the design for voltmeter


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I want to know the design for voltmeter

You probably need to provide significantly more detail on what you are looking for.

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And since this board is for questions related to existing DMMs from NI, you are almost certainly posting to the wrong board. If you are asking about designing a DMM, you are probably posting to the wrong forum as well.

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Hey there,

Is there a particular NI DMM design you're curious about?  Here are a few design overviews for our PXI-407x family, and here's a higher level overview of our DMM offerings.  For additional details, let us know what information you're looking for.

-John Sullivan
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Can you help me how to limit the bandwidth range in DMM

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Your original question implies that you were designing your own dmm. Don't you know your own device?
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Thanks for your reply and i am using NI PXI 5922 scope i am new to this i need to know what are the programming for using scope that like measuring voltage and current frequency Etc.... and to how to set the bandwidth limit in it

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A scope is not a dmm so your question does not belong in this board.

You got some help in your other misplaced post at

Did you install the driver for the scope card? Did you look at the examples? Did you look at the functions on the driver with context help turned on?

Since questions about a scope do not belong in this board, I would recommend you request the moderator to move this thread to the digitizer board. You do this by clicking the Options link.
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