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Getting Measure Function from Keithley SMU 2602

Need expert advise: I need to retrieve Keithley's Measure Function (which could only be Current or Voltage) by polling the instrument.

Usually it is done with a command similar to this: smua.command.

However I checked the reference guide and there is no such a command to get this info.

Any clues?

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You've posted to a board for NI DMM's - not a place for instrument specific questions. For this sort of question, you should be asking Keithley if you can't find the answer yourself in the manual.

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No idea why you would ask this in a NI forum instead of the keithley one.





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The forum is for NI DMMs and _Precision DC Sources_, which is the Keithley SMU. I've asked Keithley but have not gotted the response yet.

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@cymrieg wrote:

No idea why you would ask this in a NI forum instead of the keithley one.

See above.





This command prints the source function, not the measure function.


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No. It says 'Additional NI Product Boards'. A Keithley is not an NI Product.

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When I don't understand a particular device's syntax, I'll take a look at the LabVIEW instrument driver, if it exists (2602 located here), and see what they're doing.  Of course, a lot of these APIs just call into a DLL, but usually there's some helpful knowledge in the code.  Then you can just port the call over to an equivalent text-based syntax.  Hope this helps.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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