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Error -50150 occured at self test in MAX, for PCI 4070 ,what to do?



I have 3devices, NI PCI 6224, PCI 6509 and PCI 4070 connected in the PC.

I had installed LAbVIEW and device drivers in the PC before i inserted the PCI devices.


When i open MAX, i did self test of each of the devices. PCI 6224 and PCI 6509 , for these two, it said self test passed.

But for PCI 4070, i got the message self test failed. and the possible reasons as - "The software has entered an unknown state-usually a result of cascade failure induced by an unexpected series of state inputs. The operation could not be completed and you should immediately terminate all further transactions if you are able to do so."


Please let me know how to get over this error. I have not started with the coding as i am getting the error in MAX itself.


Thanks a lot.


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Hi Hema,


Has this card been working for you previously or is this a new device that is experiencing this error? Are you able to work with the DMM at all before you run into this error or is it present when the computer powers up? What version of the driver do you have installed? You can check this in MAX by expanding the software section and selecting the NI-DMM driver.


If possible, it would be a good idea to test this card in another PCI slot and/or another computer to see if the issue follows the device. If you are unable to use the device I would recommend contacting your local NI office to look at setting up a repair for your device.

Steve B

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I removed the PCI DMM 4070 card and placed it in the next slot which was empty.

Now i do not have the error coming up.

Device is working fine.


Thank you.



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Hi Steve,


I seem to have the same issue with the NI USB-6501. But in my case unplugging the device and using a different usb port won't solve this problem.

Do you may be have any advice for me?




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Does the 6501 work on another machine not managed by the same network administrator?  Some security software can prevent USB devices from operating without administrator authorization.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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Hallo John,


Thank you for your fast responds.


Connected as a local admin with a simple Testmachine, just basic XP, no antivirus software the problem still occurs.


In the beginging the 6501 works fine but after awhile you can notice a interessting behavior.

Looking at the devicemanager, the device 6501 is starting to pop up and out of the device list, like installing and deleting, while trying to communicate.


As well opening the MAX after the communication lost, the device can not perform a selftest nor reset.


Best regards,


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Hello Olli,


Were you able to resolve this issue?  It sounds like the connection between the host and the card is dropping out.  Can you let me know the entire hardware setup so we can start troubleshooting as close to the host as possible.  For example, when the 6501 no longer appears, do all of the other cards in the system continue to function, or is it just one particular card?

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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I have NI PCIe 6251 DAQ card on windows xp professional 2002 Sp3 machine. I got Labview 8.5 and DAQmx 9.5 installed on the same machine. But when I tried to do self-test in MAX I am getting an ERROR: 50101 on self test saying "Driver failed to communicate with Dev1"

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Hey PCIe6251, I recommend creating a new post in the DAQ forum, as you're not likely to get a reply on this old post.  Thanks!

-John Sullivan
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