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Device driver for hp34401a and 3458a.

Where can I get device driver for hp34401a and 3458a? I am using Lab Windows CVI 7.1
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Our Instrument Driver Network has drivers for over 5,000 instruments, including the hp34401a.  I was unable to find a driver for 3458a, however.  Who is the manufacturer?

Robert Mortensen
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the info. hp3458a is a multimeter made by HP.



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Found it: 3458a
Robert Mortensen
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi, if i intend to use VISA to communicate with the Hewlett-Packard 3458A, should i download the plug-and-play driver or the IVI?
On top of that, do i require to link the GPIB icon with the VISA icon in the labview block diagram?
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Whether you use the native LabVIEW or IVI drivers is up to you. If you don't understand the difference, you should read this. Personally, I prefer to use the native LabVIEW drivers whenever possible. The IVI drivers can only be modified with LabWindows/CVI and I really don't need the abilities of IVI. The best feature of IVI is being able to swap out instruments from different vendors but the testers I build simply won't need that. Very few of the instruments I use fall into any of the IVI classes anyway. No sure what you mean by linking the GPIB icon with the VISA icon. If you are talking about the differennce between the GPIB palette functions and the VISA palette functions, you would use one or the other. Don't mix them. It will be better to use the VISA functions in the vast majority of applications. The 3458 driver uses VISA. p.s. In the future, post similar questions to the Instrument Control board. This forum is really for the NI DMM product line.
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Hi! I donlowded the 3458 driver from

When I install it what I get at the end is a message indicating that nothing is installed. There are no files left in .../instr

¿What shoul I do to install it properly?

Thank you.


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