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Cannot get OPC readings from NI 4351 Card

I have an NI-4351 and an AT-MIO-64E-3 card installed in my PC. I have set up virtual channels in MAX for 11 used channels in the 4351 and 31 of the channels on the AT-MIO. Selecting each channel and testing all inputs in MAX gives me expected and valid inputs with no errors. No physical channel is being referenced by more than one Virtual Channel. When I run Server Explorer, I cannot see any of the channels on the 4351 card. They are all indicated with "Bad value". However, AT-MIO card OPC items all read properly. The same thing occurs when I use my third party OPC client program (Wonderware OPCLink and InTouch) to access the OPC data.

The OS is NT SP6a, Ni-Daq is 6.9.3. I have created a new Ni-DAQ configuration and re-added
all of the virtual channels, and the problem remains.

I can, by the way, create a new configuration in MAX and add a single NI-4351 virtual channel and view it in server explorer. I was able to do this at one time with up to three channels, but when I added the fourth channel, suddenly I could not access any of them anymore.

I did read the knowledgebase article about duplicate channels (more than one virtual channel accessing one physical channel) and I am sure that I am not doing this.

Sorry for being long-winded. Any ideas?

Michael Hampson
XL Automation, Inc.
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