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Can't run NI-DMM Softpanel when Device Number set above 15

I've been trying to set the Device Numbers for the NI-4060 DMMs using MAX (v2.1) However if the Device Numbers are above 15, the NI-DMM (v1.6) SoftPanel won't detect the DMM. I've also found that if the Device Number is 10 or higher, the NI-DMM SoftPanel reports the Device number as being 1. The test panels in MAX work fine no matter which device number I use & I can program the DMM using LabView using any device number, It seems to be a problem with the SoftPannel.
Do anyone know a solution to this?
Simon Holman
Software Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer
Certified TestStand Developer

measX GmbH & Co. KG.
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We are aware of the issue that you are seeing, and are currently working to correct this. For now you can simply change the Device number of the 4060 to something less than 15 or better yet something less than 10. To do this you simply need to open Measurement and Automation Explorer, Select the NI 4060 and then right click and select Properties.

Here you can change the device number to a number than than 10. If you have other cards with device numbers 1-9 then you can change one of them to a higher number and then set the DMM to device number.
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