Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Calibration Executive

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What instrument model are you hoping to calibrate?
Do you have an old-enough PC with an old-enough driver to use it?

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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Hello Marcos,

Backstory: I support a NFP to 'refresh' vintage gear for donation to youth educational programs. The goal is to reduce electronic waste and make quality meters and instruments available for worthwhile purposes.


What instrument model are you hoping to calibrate?

DMM's: I have two 4071's, one 4070, one 4065 and four 4060's. My "lab" has a Fluke 732a, an HP3458a and an HP 3245a precision AC/DC voltage and current source. There is also a series of precision resistors of the Vishay 0.005% variety. I use a Python script to access the necessary LabVIEW vi's to adjust the 4071 and 4070--pretty much a manual operation. I expect that the CalExec would provide better results (and in less time maybe). The 4060's are good meters much in need of adjustment and that will only come from the Traditional CalExec.

Do you have an old-enough PC with an old-enough driver to use it?

Yes. My standard system is a PXI-8106 4GB in a 1002 chassis running WES7 off an SSD. There is one system set up as "Legacy" with the Traditional DAQ 7.5 etc. and LabVIEW 7.1. Others are at the 17 to 18.6 level for drivers. Also Win XP on a couple of controllers. At the other end of the population I have a Windows 10 device that works with GPIB/VISA over Ethernet and TCPIP to manage a variety of bench meters.


My objective, in addition to keeping my brain in shape in retirement, is to do a decent job as a metrologist so that the next user of the donated gear will appreciate the quality of design and manufacture.




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Hello Marcos,

I posted a response to your questions, however it does not appear in the thread.



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Hi Donal,


Inquiries for Cal exec go through our standard customer inquiry process. Your eligibility for purchase will be evaluated for approval before a quote is issued. 

Discuss product recommendations, quote products and place an order:

(888) 280-7645

NI Phone Menu


In terms of the version you're looking for, we only have available what's on for download, which goes back to 5.0. 



Customer Education Product Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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