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AUX Cable of an NI 4060 DMM used with SCXI-1127 swtich

I have an NI 4060 DMM installed in PXI slot 4 of a PXI 1010 chassis. I would like to use the DMM to control a SCXI-1127 switch in slot 4 of the SCXI subchassis. Because I already have an NI6031 DAQ card in slot 8 of the PXI subchassis which is used to control a SCXI-1102 module in slot 1 of the SCXI subchassis. I was therefore advised that in order to control the 1127 switch, I would need to make use of the external AUX cable in order to connect the 4060 DMM and the 1127 switch.
All fine and dandy..however, I cannot find any documentation about how to use this AUX cable to trigger the scan advancement on the 1127.

Can any body help me out here?

Thanks and best regards,
Jason Pickering
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Since the DAQ card is in the last slot of the PXI chassis it will be the one controlling the switches. Although you can't control the switch with the DMM you can still use handshaking to scan the SCXI 1127 using the external triggers (with the mentioned AUX cable). To achieve this you will need to set up the Configure Scan Trigger to have both the triggers be External. Do the same for the DMM. Then externally connect the trigger lines to the following connections

DMM EXT Trigger <-------------- Switch Scan Advance
DMM VoltMeter Complete ---> Switch Trigger Input

The DMM EXT Trigger is the trigger that the DMM waits for this trigger input take a measurement.
The DMM Voltmeter Complete is the trigger that the DMM sends out when the measurement i
s complete.
The Switch Scan Advance is the trigger that the switch sends out when the relay has settled.
The Switch Trigger Input is self-explanatory.

There is an excellent sample program on the Developer Zone that demonstrates this. Simply change the TTL lines to external and the instrument descriptors and you are ready to go. This can be found at

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