Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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4070 max settlling time?

Hi.  I wanted to know how I can determine or where I can find the Maximum settling time that I can set for the DMM 4070. 

Thanks in advance.
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Typical settling times are much less than one second however the attribute will allow up to 149s. Refer to the NI-DMM help file for the measurement defaults of the 4070 for more specific settling times for each mode. Hope this helps.


Shea C 

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I tried to look for this specification in the DMM help file under the Devices->4070 tab and I couldnot find where it states the 149s value.  Can you please guide me to where this is specified. 



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The location that I refered you to states only the settling time defaults and not the maximum settling time. I verified this time myself however using the driver. The location that I spoke of in the previous post can be found at NI Digital Multimeters Help>>Devices>>NI 4070>>DMM Measurements>>DMM Measurement Defaults

Shea C

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Ok.  Thank you for your help.
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