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using pxi6514 with scb100

We succesfully used pxi-6025E with an SCB100 (Cable-182853C-02) and for the same application that needs six digital outputs, tried using pxi6514 to no result.
We tried changing the cable(185095C-02) but met with no success again. Can you please help?
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Hi Dhananjay,

No problem!  You can certainly use the SCB-100 with the PXI-6514.  In fact, if you look here, you will see that it is one of the preferred ways to connect signals to your device.

What is probably happening that is causing you not to get the data you want though is that the SCB-100's switches are in the wrong location.  If you look in the User Manual for the SCB-100 you will see a series of images showing you the proper configuration.  You want to set up the device like this:


Figure 4. 100 Generic Screw Terminals Switch Configuration
with Temperature Sensor and Accessory Grounds Disconnected

This will make sure that nothing is connected to the wrong grounds, etc. And you should be able to begin taking measurements.


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