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using pci-6503 to control scxi 1001

Hi to everyone!,

I have a pci-6503 conected to a scxi 1001 device. This scxi 1001 has 5x scxi 1163R modules and 2x scxi 1162HV modules. One of the 1162HV is the communication module between the pci card and the rack.

Well, my question is how i can control this scxi 1001 device. I know that both 1163R and 1162HV modules have 32 lines. I need by using this pci-6503 card (with only 3 ports and 24 lines) be able to control all the modules in the rack. How i can do this?

I have experience with the DAQmx API,  and i have read that i can use this API to control de scxi device, but how? 24 lines for control lots of modules with 32 lines each :O.

Any tip/help will be wellcome!

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi Ruzz,


You can consider to use SCXI-1127 as a switch or multiplexer for your digital scxi input.




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