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user defined sequence




I'm looking to create a program in Labview that has the user create a sequence then for labview to play it back.


For example:

There are 5 LEDs.

A simple pattern the user makes is, first LED on for 2 seconds, pause 1 second, 3rd and 4th LED on for 3 seconds.


I'm not sure exactly how to start. Any feedback would be great.



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Could you elaborate a bit on what you mean by having the user create a sequece? Also, could you explan a bit more on what you mean by having LabVIEW play it back? You might be able to create a main vi with a state machine that calls a sub vi. You might look at the State Machine as a starting point, you can find in in LabVIEW by going to Help>>Find Examples.


Good luck!

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