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serial communication with microcontroller and labVIEW



Im sending serial data from a PIC18 microcontroller to the PC com port. Im using a USB cable to do this by using a virtual port that emulates a COM port. I am expecting to graph the data since it is a patience's heart signal. My question is will I be able to calculate the heart rate in labVIEW. will I be able to display a warning when the signal goes below a threshold value?   If so, are there any examples related to this ..  



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First, you posted to the wrong board. this has nothing to do with Digital I/O. There is a dedicated Life Sciences  board. Second, these is an extremely popular question and you can find a wealth of information by searching for 'ecg'. Third, NI has a Biomedical Startup Kit. This is capable of acquiring signals with NI hardware but the analysis routines should work for you.

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