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sbRIO-9627 RMC Connector Pinout Mapping


We are planning on developing a custom RMC board to use with the sbRIO-9627 however, we are uncertain about the pinout/orientation of the RMC connector, as the sbRIO-9627 user manual is not clear on that point. Looking at the attached image from the recommended Samtec SEAM-40-03.0-S-06-2-A-K-TR connector datasheet, are we correct in assuming that pin A1 in the datasheet corresponds to pin 1 in the sbRIO-9627 user manual and additionally that the columns on pg. 37 of the user manual correspond to rows A, B, C, D, E, F in the image?




Untitled picture.png





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Does anybody know the answer? I too would appreciate clarification on this.

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