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real time binary data transmission using USRP and PSK modulation, labview communications suite

I have been working with the student lab manual and learning materials for the USRP by Bruce A Black.
Included with this are a few labview communications suite examples, showing how to BPSK/QPSK modulate and demodulate data - however, these Vi's use the MT Generate Bits function, which to my understanding generates a random bit-sequence to then modulate and send.

i am interested how to modify the transmitter / receiver programs in order to a accept real time binary input of data and thus modulate it via BPSK or QPSK (depending on the example), send this across a channel, then receive and demodulate the said data stream on the output in real time.

...basically, how do i replace a 'MT Generate bits' function, with an input real-time binary data-stream?
and would i also need to modify anything else? or is it just a case of swapping out the bitstream generator for actual data?

Thank you very much

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