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"power on" states at PCI-6503 Card


i´ve got trouble with my PCI-6503 PCI Card. In the manual I read about the Jumper W1 to set the power-on state to high or low.

When I set the Jumper to HIGH and connect my voltmeter to pin 48 and 47 I get something about 5,17 V. That´s fine.... BUT, when I switch the Jumper to LOW, I get 4,7 V between the pins 48 and 47 ?????????

These pins are only for explanation, this result I recieve for all the IO-pins...

I also tried to set the Jumper to HIGH and to use a resistor for all the lines, but with this 7,1 KOhm resistor, shown in the manual, I get 1,6 V after switch on my computer.

maybe there is a hardware damage?

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Hi Dieter,

This behavior is described in this KnowledgeBase entry:

If you need to have the original behavior (with no bus hold), please contact NI support, referencing the KB above.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
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