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pci-6515 digital ouput write

I will be using a pci-6515 board for some digital output control.  I have not used DO board before.  If I write a boolean value to a channel, for an open or a close signal to a valve for example, will the channel remain in the state I've written until I tell it to change back?  Or do I have to put the write command in a loop until I wish to stop the command?
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It will stay in that state until you change it. You do not need to continuously write to the port.

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I have a follow-up question. I'm using the same board and I want to know how to make a "1" generated in LV be a particular DC signal out. For instance, I've made a simple write-out VI using one of the examples. When I click a push-button, I assume it's setting a high-value but when I check the actual line on my SCB-100 board, I am only registering 0.6mV. I'm using port 6 line 0 of the PXI-6515. I have wired the GND of the external system and the 24VDC line to the P7.COM (VCC) line. I see the 24VDC when I put a voltmeter across pin 46 and pin 47.

I want to be able to push a button in LV that sends 24VDC when I set the switch to the "1" position.

Any help would be appreciated. I've gone through the 6515 manual and I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I'm using LV 8.2, with PXI-6515 in the PXI-1033 chassis and the SCB-100 connection block. Windbloze XP.
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Hi Michael,

I've been having some luck getting my PCI-6515 board working.  I think you may not have your pins wired up correctly.  I was having difficulties with this when I first started using the board as there aren't any wiring diagrams in the manual.  Check out the following link:    It gives good wiring diagrams and explainations of common errors when hooking up the board.


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