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pci 6509 setup problems

Hope someone can help.
We have an automated tester that was setup with Labview 7 back in 2004.
As things happen the PC has died so I have built a new pc put cards in PCI - 6014 and PCI 6509. 
I have installed all the software: Labview 7 Express Full development system, base system and application builder.  They call for the Device driver CD which I have and used.
When installation is complete the PCI 6014 sets up fine but the PCI 6509 is shown as "other PCI device".
I am not sure if I have missed something but I can't work it out.  I did not set this system up originally and the person who did is no longer with our company.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Hey Rogerjet,

It sounds as though for the NI-DAQmx driver is not properly recignizing your card, in which case there are various troubleshooting steps to examine:

I recommend moving your 6509 to a new slot.  If that doesn't work, try downloading the newest copy of the NI-DAQmx driver (8.5) and installing it on your system. 

How did your original system die?  Did anything happen to it that could've potentially damaged periperals such as your DAQ card?
Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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Thanks for your help, it ended up being that I was missing the NI-daqmx software.
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