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pci-6503 + ssr24 rack substitute for ODC5

Does anyone know of a substitute for the ODC5 module (cant be used with the PCI-6503 "Not enough current"). I have a 6503 and a ssr24 rack. Im looking for signal conditioning to the extent of 24VDC 3Amps.
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Dear Sidher!
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If you look under the Manufacturer Specifications in the Product Manual, you will see that there are two sets of part numbers that can handle the kind of current you are looking for. The first one is the part numbers beginning with 70 and 70G handle upto 3.5 Amps and the Part numbers beginning with 70M handle upto 3.0 amps. The 70M modules also support upto 60VDC.

You can view the manual here.

We hope this helps and once again, thank you for choosing National Instruments.

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Shekhar S
National Instruments
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