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ni-daqmx net core support

Is there a DAWmx driver with NET CORE 5.0+ support?

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None that I’m aware of, but I am *extremely* interested in getting that support. .NET Core has been around so long now that they’re dropping the “core” from the name. Support for it is long overdue. 

We use their digital I/O products (USB and PCI boards), and if we can’t get support on a modern development platform, we will need to find alternate hardware that has it. 

So if anyone knows if it’s on the roadmap, or (even better) when to expect it, I’m all ears!

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Yes, we will look to other vendors if support doesn't come by next bid.   We have a workaround where we have a 4.8 framework project that sets up a pipeline to execute the calls from NET 5.0 but it is very non ideal.

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