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ni-9403 only 8 bit on cDAQ-9172

I have a cDAQ-9172 with a NI 9403. When driving from MAX I get all 32 outputs. When driving from Labview 8.5, I only get 1 8 bit bus <7:0>. Iam also running NI-DAQ8.7.1. How do I get all 32 bits to run in 4 8bit busses?
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Welcome to the NI forums.  In LabVIEW you can specify multiple ports when running one of the shipping examples that come with DAQmx.

In LabVIEW go to:

Help > Find Examples

In the Example Finder go to:

Hardware Input and Output > DAQmx > Digital Generation > Write Dig

Here you can specify how many ports you want to write to by using a “:” in between port numbers.

I hope this helps!

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Ryan N
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When I try to use the channels I've created those don't appear in LABVIEW, although, they do in MAX
They're proven to work but in labview i browse and nothing appears..
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My problem has been fixed. I had to uninstall and reinstall DAQmx. Now all of the software sees all of the hardware and it all works together. I had upgraded to nidaq8_7_1 and may not have done something right on the install.
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The example worked fine and, it lead me down the right path. Thanks.
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Hello JOelei,


If you're referring to these tasks not showing up in a LabVIEW channel constant control then the I/O name filtering may be the issue.  For information on how to change the filtering see this KnowlegeBase article:  Virtual Channels Missing in DAQ Channel Name Control or Constant.  I would also make sure that you're using a traditional DAQ Channel Constant and not a DAQmx Channel Constant.


In the future you may get a better response to your forum posts by creating a new thread rather than posting to the bottom of an unrelated one.  Creating a new thread for a new question also helps keep all of the information on the forums readily available and searchable for users in the future.


If you're still having trouble with this issue, please feel free to post back with more information.  It would be good to know what type of task you’re creating, what hardware you're using, and what versions of LabVIEW and Traditional DAQ you're using.


Have a great day!

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