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is there an automized way (no WaveformEditor) for generating hws-files out of vcd-format

Hi Kenneth,


I'm new to LabView, so I'm not yet familiar with all the VI's, but I would like to do exactly what you're trying to do. In other words I'm trying to convert a .csv (commat separated values) file to HWS in order to generate custom waveform with my PXI instruments.


Have you had any luck figuring this out?


Any indications would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Marc,


We had a hardware system operated by LabView where the input format was HWS. We generated CSV files and through some LabView tool (I don't remember the name), we were able to convert them into HWS.


What I was looking for at that time was an automatic conversion tool (preferably Unix command-line based) to do either VCD->HWS or CSV->HWS. I never successfully fouind such tools. I located some tools to manipulate HDF5 files (a superset of HWS AFAIR), and I tried to build my own HWS file through some programming. However, I never succesfully created a file, that could be read by LabView.


In the meantime, we had a consultant to reprogram the LabView tools, so now it accepts both CSV and HWS. I don't know how he did it - I'm a chip designer, not a LabView engineer 🙂


Good luck finding a solution. And please update the thread if you manage to solve the conversion.


Best regards,


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