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is it possible to use part of Port0 on a 6363 as line controlled and part as digital wave output?



I've filled the DIO on Port1 and Port2 of a PCIe and need to use port0 for both line controlled (toggle) and digital waveform output.  I'm using Measurement Studio 14 and C#.  I can make the call:


NITask.DOChannels.CreateChannel("MyMIO/port0/line8:11", "myTask",ChannelLineGrouping.OneChannelForAllLines);


and run the waveform without issue.  The problem is that the unselected lines are cleared.


I can kludge around the problem by maintaining the state of all lines on Port0 and accounting for them in the waveform.  That is kind of a pain, adds code, and I'm lazy.  Is there a way to isolate the wave to only the lines selected when creating the task?




Derek Hopkins,

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Hello Derek,


Could you explain the impact of having the unused lines cleared in your program? I'm not sure I understand the impact that behavior is having on the system.


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The lines are not unused, but are unused by the digital waveform.  They are being set as individual toggle lines.


However, I'm having trouble repeating the trouble.  This may be a case of SUS (Stupid User Syndrome).  I will continue testing today and reply back if that is indeed the case.

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